In Provence

In Provence, between Luberon and Verdon, Confiseries de Marion keep traditional recipes alive, combining great chocolates and tasty fruit. In our production workshops, finely roasted ,almonds and hazelnuts are coated with chocolate or praline and get their unique shape from rolling copper cauldrons. Our fruit jellies do not contain any artificial flavours or colours that could alter their taste. Our know-how and ancestral recipes, combined with innovative creations, highlight all the flavours of confectionery, making each bite an intense chocolate or fruity experience.



We cultivate a deep attachment to the quality of products and excellence of raw materials, from maturation to harvest. And because the authentic, subtle aromas offered by nature are infinite, Confiseries de Marion recipes are prepared with fruit from orchards in sun-drenched regions, pampered by attentive producers and recognized for their quality of flavour.